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October 17 2013


What you need to know before you Jailbreak your iPhone 5S

Are you thinking about jailbreaking your iPhone 5S? If you are, you better read through this article if you want to save money, time and stress. The first thing you need to understand is that it takes a lot more than just watching a few YouTube videos to jailbreak your iPhone successfully. You will learn just the basics about jailbreaking an iPhone from these videos. There is a lot more involved. And if you don't know exactly what you're doing, you might just end up bricking your phone and the only option left after that is to take it to an Apple service station.

When it comes to jailbreaking an iPhone 5S, you need to understand that the tools to do this are already available on the internet for free. So why would you want to pay for a software which is free?

Now, before you get started on jailbreaking your iPhone 5S, there are a few things which you need to take into account. The first thing is the computer which you will be using. The next thing for you to consider is the version of iTunes you have and the last thing is whether you have previously jailbroken any iPhones. You also need to note the firmware version as well as which mode it is operating in for future reference. All of this matters when it comes to jailbreaking your iPhone. If you don't account for all these variances, you might just end up with an iPhone that doesn't work properly which is not something you would want to have to deal with.

The next thing you need to understand before your iPhone 5S jailbreak is the legalities involved. While it isn't illegal to jailbreak your iPhone, you will not be receiving any help from Apple once you have done so. That's right; your warranty will be void which means you're on your own if your phone starts giving trouble. Apple only allows you to buy apps from their App store and when you start downloading third party applications onto your iPhone, they consider it as piracy and therefore rescind your warranty.

But still, there are a large number of people that prefer jailbreaking their iPhones because of its numerous advantages. Many people believed that iOS 7 was going to include some handy features which would make jailbreaking your iPhone useless. Unfortunately though, that didn't happen. Therefore, iPhone users have had no choice but to resort to jailbreaking their iPhones again. When you jailbreak your iPhone you get to various different features like custom wallpapers and icons for your homepage. You can even increase the number of icons on your homepage and download apps which you wouldn't find in the Apple app store.

At the end of the day, it looks like the iOS 7 and the new iPhone 5S isn't going to be the answer for jailbroken iPhone users. Maybe next time?

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